Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a devastating event for any family. The loss of a loved one not only causes significant emotional pain and trauma, it can devastate a family financially. A wrongful death will change the lives of everyone involved, and the responsible party is legally obligated to provide compensation to the family for its losses.

What Is A Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is when a person dies as the result of an accident. This death can be occur immediately at the scene of the accident, or later as a result of the injuries incurred from the accident. This legal term applies to any type of accident that causes the untimely death of an individual.

Filing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys understand that this is a very difficult time in the lives of the family members who have recently lost a loved one. They also understand that filing a lawsuit will not give the family what they really want which is the return of their lost loved one. However, seeking compensation from the responsible party for the loss of your loved one will help the family financially survive the loss of their loved one as the heal emotionally from their loss and try to rebuild their lives.

Wrongful death cases are designed to help surviving family members. These members include:

• Surviving spouse
• Minor children

Some additional family members, such as parent and adult children of the deceased may qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit if they relied on the deceased for more than 50 percent of their financial support.

Since Georgia law has very specific terms and conditions associated with filing this type of lawsuit, it is very important to speak to an attorney about your rights to file a claim for wrongful death. It is also very important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after the death has occurred. The Statute of Limitations does apply to this type of case and you must file within a specific period of time to qualify for compensation.

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