Premises Liability

All property owners have a duty to anyone who has been invited onto their property to keep them safe. This includes guests, visitors, friends, employees, clients, sales reps, or any other person entering the property to conduct business. Property owners that do not take the precautions to provide a safe environment can be held liable for any accident that occurs on their property.

Common Forms Of Premises Liability Issues

• Slip and Fall Accidents
• Dangerous Stairwells
• Dangerous Parking Areas Due to Poor Lighting or High Hedges
• Dangerous Trash Areas
• Dangerous Working Areas From Clutter or Debris
• Dangerous Working Areas From Electrical Cords
• Dangerous Conditions as a result of Weather Conditions
These are some of the more common issues that are related to premises liability cases. These are not the only conditions or events that can cause a person to become injured as a result or poor premises maintenance. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you should speak to an attorney about your rights to seek compensation.

Because Safety Is Always The Main Issue

Building and property owners must put the safety of the people who enter their property above all other issues. This includes making sure that walk areas are free from debris, cracks, slippery rugs, water puddles and ice, or other things that could inhibit a person from walking without falling. Stairways must be clean, well-lit and the railings must be maintained. Parking lots must be maintained and cleaned to allow walking.

The outside of a building must also be well-lit and free from potential dangers. This includes maintaining high hedges or other obstructions where criminals can hide, keeping trash areas clean and well lit, and making sure walkways and parking areas are safe during inclement weather.

Work areas must have open walkways and electrical cords and wires must be well-marked and kept out of walkways. Dangerous equipment must be marked, and hazardous or toxic items must be stored correctly.

Each of these duties is an obligation of the building owner, business operator, or property owner. Failure to make any premises safe is an act of negligence and the responsible party is obligated to any injury victim.

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